The Broken-Hearted Alleluia: Nature Writing in a Time of Ecological Turbulence


Saturday August 25th

10-4 with a lunch break

Fee: Sliding Scale $120- $240


The term “Solastalgia” was coined to denote distress in response to climate change. We’ll explore how this condition impacts writing in response to the natural world as we engage in praise, lamentation, witness, apologia, and celebration. In addition, we’ll reflect upon our journeys as eco-heroines or eco-heroes as articulated in Sharon Blackie’s book, “If Women Rose Rooted” and look at how to cultivate and sustain hope in our hearts and our communities. In the belief that powerful voices change the world, Kathleen Dean Moore’s ”Call to Writers” will be introduced to “imagine new life-ways into existence”. I will likely bring fresh inspiration from studying with Moore intensively for a week in July.


Part of the workshop will take place at Green Lake, in walking distance from the Writing Studio


Please note: This workshop is a natural next step after my Nature Writing course at NSCE on four Tuesday afternoons, July 31st- August 21st,  but can be taken separately as well.


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