The Broken-Hearted Alleluia and the Eco-Heroine’s Journey

Saturday August 25th

10-4 with a lunch break

Fee: Sliding Scale $120- $240


“For the sake of all the plants and animals on the planet, for the sake of intergenerational justice, for the sake of the children, we call on writers to set aside their ordinary work and step up to do the work of the moment…” ~Kathleen Dean Moore


Engage with Nature Writing in response to climate crisis and ecological turbulence. We’ll draw on ethical and eco-spiritual approaches as well as Sharon Blackie’s “Eco-Heroine’s Journey” articulated in her book, “If Women Rose Rooted” as a path that,” forces us to examine ourselves and the world we live in, to face up to all that is dysfunctional in it and in our own lives. Then it calls us to change—first ourselves, and then the world around us. It leads us back to our own grounded belonging to this Earth, and asks us what we have to offer to the places and communities in which we live.”


We’ll reflect upon our journeys as eco-hero(ine)s and explore and practice perception and various forms of writing in response to the natural world such as praise, lamentation, apologia, and celebration. In the hope that powerful voices change the world, Kathleen Dean Moore’s ”Call to Writers” will be introduced to “imagine new life-ways into existence”.