Nature Writing

Explore and deepen your relationship to the natural world through sensory awareness, contemplative observation and writing. We will take advantage of summer at the North College campus, and go out to the garden or under trees. We will also look at examples of Nature Writing from a selection of writers and poets to develop and sense of this genre. Please bring a notebook and something to sit on outside.

To read more about this class, here is a blogpost by Cole Hornady, ” Wild Words: Exploring a Nature Writer’s Lexicon”

Tu 1pm–3pm Jul 11Aug 1 (4 sessions) $75.00

9600 College Way N Seattle WA 98103
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New Writing Response Group Forming in Autumn, 2017

I will be facilitating a new Writing Response Group starting in the fall. The group functions as a sounding board, offering reflections back to one another as writers. Participants are there to encourage each other, create a listening space and learn about writing process from witnessing others as well as working on their own writing.
If you are serious about your writing and need to check-in with others on a regular basis, this could serve you well.
The fee is $15-$30 per session.

The new group will meet on a mutually available evening twice a month for two hours each session. Each writer will have a turn for in-depth feedback and otherwise 10 minutes to share new writing. I already have a few people interested in committing to this evening group. Maximum of six. Please let me know if you are interested.