Ensouling Surgery and Medical Interventions

By on January 13, 2017, in Healing and Creativity

During my recuperation after undergoing a surgery to replace my implantable cardiac defibrillator , an inspiration came to me: to assist people undergoing medical interventions in conscious and creative ways. I am currently writing a book to compliment my memoir, (“Heart’s Oratorio: One Woman’s Journey through Love, Death, and Modern Medicine”), where I framed my experience of dealing with a medical crisis as an archetypal heroine’s journey.


My new book will serve as a resource and guide to creative practices that humanize the encounter with the technical and impersonal healthcare system. It will also delve into a Mythopoetics of Medicine. As a cardiac patient who has had a series of surgeries, I have a sense of what is being called upon to prepare, undergo and recover from surgery. I employ an integrative perspective and have insights to share about the journey a patient undertakes, both inwardly and outwardly. I’m called to be a resource beyond just writing about these perspectives and practices.


Here is how I describe what I have to offer: I see my role as the equivalent to being a doula, a non-medical support person for surgery or medical interventions for both men and women. I have a range of resources to draw upon, from practical to spiritual. I am beginning to meet with patients to individualize practices to suit their orientation and particular situation, such as: writing, poetry, story, meditation, guided visualization, prayer, identifying allies –and more. Sessions take place in my writing studio in North Seattle and can also be done via skype or over the telephone.


My services are suited to someone facing medical intervention or surgery who

…comes from a holistic orientation and seeks to find a bridge to allopathic medicine

…desires to consciously participate in undergoing a technical and impersonal procedure

…seeks guidance to incorporate a soul dimension to this encounter, based on enhancing their own individual spiritual orientation

…recognizes the benefit of engaging creatively as a way to become empowered in the face of a dehumanizing system

…wishes to have support in any of the following practices: guided visualization, writing, curative poetry, healing story, meditation and prayer.


Please contact me to set up a consultation.