My writing explores themes of feminine identity, ecology, illness and healing, and the relationship between human beings and technology. I write primarily in the genre of creative nonfiction with a sprinkling of poetry and I use live storytelling in writing circles and the classroom to nurture a deeper dimension of listening. Teaching is a vital aspect of my art– to encourage creativity in community.


For two decades I have shaped my own versions of stories and myths from many cultures, such as indigenous creation stories, Greek and Hindu myths, Jewish teaching tales, and more. In an Ethiopian story a queen withers away, despite being given copious amounts of food. Eventually, being fed the “tongue meat” of story plumps her up and heals her. This speaks to the power of myth and poetry to nourish and heal, which is essential in our times.


The caring mentorship of Terry Tempest Williams and Brenda Miller has influenced my writing with a lyrical quality. Nancy Mellon has been a strong influence in my work with healing story.


Currently, I am focusing on how creative imagination, story and poetry can serve the humanization of medicine, particularly for patients dealing with medical technology and the prevalent mechanistic mindset that informs healthcare.


My orientation fosters an awareness of archetypal dimensions. I champion Imagination as a creative, dynamic and synthesizing faculty. My work is informed by many sources, rooted in a love for the living earth. My hope is that my creative work is also curative, an offering of “tongue meat” to bring restoration to one another and our world.