Develop a soulful writing practice.
Deepen expression.
Find inspiration.
Open up to imagination.

As a writing guide, I support all phases of creative writing projects: getting started, defining goals, finding inspiration, structuring, generating new writing, forming, polishing and honing. I spend time listening to you and work intuitively to find ways to meet your needs as a writer.

I can help you identify your writing goals and provide support to actualize them. I assist budding writers find their voice upon the page and fully-blooming writers shape their work through developmental phases, from dream incubation through revision.

I am available to do manuscript reviews as well. Details here.

I prefer working in person but for those of you outside of Seattle, I can work via zoom.

I offer a special rate for an Exploratory Session: $40 for 45 minutes.
Thereafter, my sliding scale is $60- $90 per 45 minutes.
Gift Certificates are available.

My specialties in writing are:

  • Memoir – Casting your life as story. Become aware of and give expression to the archetypes that have informed your biography.
  • Creative Imagination – tap into and train Imagination as a capacity to rely upon in your writing; ascertain and access your source of inspiration.
  • Reflective Writing – cultivate awareness through contemplative writing. This can be directed inwardly towards yourself (journaling), or outwardly to deepen your perception of the natural world (Nature Writing.)
  • Illness Narrative and the Healing Journey – bear witness to the experience of serious illness within a culture that often pushes it aside; discover and incorporate the healing power of story.
  • Organic Form – find the form that naturally expresses the content that you are working with. Adopted by Denise Levertov for poetry, this term extends to prose as well.

Contact me to explore working together.

I also offer consultations to prepare for surgery and medical procedures in a soulful way. More here