Manuscript Reviews

I offer a feedback for those seeking ‘big picture’ suggestions for close to completed manuscripts of up to 80,000 words. I specialize in Creative or Literary Nonfiction, especially memoir.


My review includes:

  • A full read-through of a hard copy provided by you
  • Margin comments on content
  • An editorial letter addressing:

                                                           Pacing and narrative shape

                                                           Overall structure

                                                           Inconsistencies, repetitions or omissions

                                                           Voice, clarity

                                                           Any requests specific to your work for me to keep an eye out for


A follow-up meeting, in person or via Skype, to go over my big picture editorial comments.

Fee: $600.


Review completed within a month unless otherwise stipulated.


“Mary’s broad yet incisive review of my manuscript was invaluable. Immersing herself in the collection of essays, she noted a few major redundancies, advised me on the order of the chapters, and pointed out one essential topic that was needed to round out the book. And not only is Mary a brilliant editor, she is a thoroughly kind and gentle cheerleader.” – Barbara Reid


“Mary provided high-level editorial feedback on my poetry manuscript. I asked her to help me imagine an order for the poems that might make a different kind of sense that I was able to see for myself. I was delighted with her careful, insightful, and very helpful response. Having Mary’s help was invaluable to the completion of my manuscript.” — Jan Wallace


“I asked Mary to structurally edit my book after I took her class “Writing into Wisdom” at North Seattle Community College. I loved studying feminine archetypes in her class. Mary is an inspiring teacher and the content of the class provided a great foundation for writing about women. After studying with Mary, I felt I could trust her to read my manuscript. Trust was important to me — I wanted someone who would respect the themes of my book and still offer honest feedback to improve it. Mary is supportive, insightful and honest, which is a wonderful combination in a person who reviews writers’ work.” — Lauren McGuire


“Your careful read of my book and warmhearted comments have made such a difference in my work. “- Judith Frizlen