Wing and Well-spring: Pegasus and Sisters Writing Studio

Classes, workshops and consultations take place in Pegasus and Sisters Writing Studio, unless otherwise mentioned.


My studio is dedicated to creativity that is constituted by inspiration and discipline, imagination and form. It provides a lovely meeting space in the warm companionship of books, which I lend out to keep the books in circulation.


Why the name “Pegasus and Sisters”?

“They are all of one mind, their hearts are set upon song, and their spirit is free from care,” thus spoke the ancient Greek poet, Hesiod, of the Muses. It is told that when these daughters of Mnemosyne (Memory) began to sing, their song was so beautiful that their mountain, Helicon, rose to the heavens. In response Pegasus stomped upon the ground to hold the mountain from going too high. Where his hooves struck, a spring arose, which was from then on tended by the muses. In this meeting of a winged horse and well-spring lives a crux of creativity.