Published poems and essays:

  • “Labor of Love” Essay, Hektoen Journal of Medical Humanities, May, 2019
  • Beloved Start Mothers”, Poem, Minding Nature, Print: Winter, 2019, Vol.12, #1, and online
  • “Weight” in Reader’s Write, Flash Nonfiction, The Sun, March, 2019, Issue 519
  • “Love Compounded” Poem, Intima: A Journal for Narrative Medicine, Spring 2016
  • “Developing Inner Resources in the Face of Medical Crisis” article for Transformative Energy Healing for Women Blog, Spring, 2016.
  • “Holding Space for Creativity” in Courageous Creativity, May 2015 “Creative Teaching” Issue.
  • “Freeing the Waters” in LILIPOH, Issue 75, Volume 19, Spring 2014.
  • “Sternal Encounter” in ” The Examined Life: A Literary Journal of the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine”, Volume 2, # 2, Spring 2013.
  • “Remodel” in “Anesthesiology Journal”, July 2012. (link to an an audio recording and to an interview about the basis of the essay).
  • “Remarrying at Midlife” Essay for Anthology, “Remarriage in Midlife: 10 Things Women Over 50 Should Think About Before Saying I Do a Second—or Third—Time!” Edited by Catherine Rain, forthcoming.
  • “His Heartbeat” in “Heartscapes: True Stories of Remembered Love” Plainfield, Vermont: Spruce Mountain Press, 2012.
  • “Assaying a Grammar of Dreams” Essay, Arabesques Journal, Vol 03, Issue 04 “Dreams” (Link no longer active) Complete essay: pdf download
  • “Mother Goddess” Writing it Real, (Second place winner in essay contest) 6/4/09.
  • “Wounding Vision” Viridescent Sea, Issue 1, Winter 2005 (Link no longer active) Complete essay: here SOON*.
  • “Hera Chera” Essay, Banyan Review, Spring 2003.
  • “Of Greed and Measure” Story, Spirit of Trees Website.
  • “Awakening Ecological Awareness in Children Through Story” Essay, Nature In Legend and Story Newsletter, Volume 1, No. 3-4, Fall 2002/ Winter 2004 (Chicago).
  • “For Imbolc” Poem, Spindleweed: Weaving Life with Earth, Issue 8, Spring 1999 (Seattle)Here SOON*.
  • “Creating Tree Ceremonies” Article; “The First Tree” Story, Caduceus Journal, Issue 35, Spring 1997 (Leamington Spa, UK).
  • “Story –Vessels for the Creative” Essay, Caduceus Journal, Issue 31, Spring, 1996 (Leamington Spa, UK).
  • Various Book Reviews: Caduceus Journal U.K. Issues 32- 55.
  • H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Science.


“We Wear Read” (Testimony for the Removal of the Lower Snake River Dams) used in soundtrack for Sea Change Within Us dance performance by Karin Stevens Dance Company, May 11-12, 2019, The Base, Seattle.